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My Friend, The Princess of Beverly Hills

With Thanksgiving approaching, I wanted to talk about one of my very special friends. Her name is the Princess of Beverly Hills and she is the best friend a girl could ask for.

Our moms get along very well because they both are devoted to making about1people happy and doing great things for the world.  Her mom’s name is Stacey Whitmore and we had so much fun last month at Haute Dog LA fashion show benefitting Canine Companions for Independence.

So, here she is, my special friend…a total glamour puss but a true gem.  And she has some of the best jewels I have ever seen on a canine. But even more than her beauty, she has a good heart. She is the sweetest little dog and shows kindness to others and is always nice. Since she was the runt of the litter and adopted into her Forever Home like me, I think we have a lot in common.

Now, you too can  own a stuffed animal version of Princess of Beverly Hills. While she may not bark or listen to commands, she is still a cuddly ball of love and fun.  The Beverly Hills Palace and Plush Playset is super cool.

palaceHere is what the description of the palace that I found on Amazon. Sorry princess, but I am not always the best with words.

 Princess of Beverly Hills from Nate and Jules is a real life fairytale about the runt of the litter who is adopted and moves to Beverly Hills. She grows up to be a smart, caring, beautiful, talented Princess and lives a happily-ever-after, fabulous perfect life. and although she’s beautiful and glamorous, Princess knows it’s how she treats others that matters most. Plush toys feature finest materials, including upscale brush able hair for ears, paws and tail. Comb included.  Click here to buy yours now before they sell out!

What a great holiday gift for every little girl and every dog lover!

Love you Princess!  Hugs and Kisses from Sass in Habersham Forest!


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