About Me

Here I am, Sassafrass Jones

Hi, my name is Sassafrass Jones. am a perky little Pekingnese rescue in Chartreuse cat eye glasses who was left in front of the Last Chance Adoption Center.  Because, let’s face it, no one wants a dog with cat eye glasses (or at least that is what I believed).

Before finding my forever home, I spent two years waiting for a family to come adopt me even though i had to wear these thick glasses because of my eye problem.  During that time, the other animals like Sally the Siamese and Mr. Putin Puss made fun of me.

 “Do you honestly think anyone would ever adopt a dog with Coke bottle glasses like you?,” they would say. “You’ll be here forever.”

I tried not to listen this but they were right. For two long years, I waited and waited to find my forever home.  Adoption Palooza days came and went and still I was invisible. Mr. Spotwood, the owl, always tried to make me feel better saying things like, “You are not ugly, you just havent found a family who sees how special you are.”


But everything f3changed when I spotted two mice who would become my family. Madeline and Mama adopted me and I have been happy ever since.

Days of loneliness and feeling hopeless were over. I finally had  my forever home and learned that life is full of hope and new possibilities. 

Now, I have a great life filled with love and excitement in the whimsical Habersham Forest with my adopted mom, Cathleen and of course my forever family of the mice and all of
the other forest friends.

There are so many exciting things brewing in the magical forest and I hope to share the gift of hope, happiness and possibility that has blessed my life.



PS. If you want to read more about my story, you can buy my book, Sassafrass Jones and the Search for a Forever Home here.

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